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     Salt Lake City Music Teachers:


    How Can I Get Involved?

    We thought you would never ask.  Here are some ways you can help out:

    1- Spread the word about the scholarships we are involved with.

    2- Place a link to the Utah Music Teachers website from your schools website for your students and parents.  This helps the site's authority with search engines and creates a great resource for the kids

    3- Give us updates on upcoming events that have to do with music education.  Note: with the large number of school band concerts, we aren't able to announce them here; however, we are happy to announce jazz festival, professional jazz concerts, clinics, workshops, auditions and anything else that would be beneficial to the Utah Music Community

    4- "Like" our facebook page and invite your friends to like it. This may be the best way to stay on top of updates of what is going on with UMT and with music education events in the state

    5- Apply for our scholarships and festivals.  This is free money folks.  If you or a student you know needs money for school in a music program, you may qualify for a scholarship award. Click here for more info